Holly Brook Montessori


Children age 3-5 years and fully toilet trained may be considered for enrollment at Montessori School of Cedar Lane or Holly Brook Montessori School. At Hunter Mill Montessori School, children age 2 years and 9 months to 5 years and fully toilet-trained may be considered for enrollment. Most children enroll in September of the year they turn 3 years. The Montessori program is a three or four year program designed to enhance a child’s learning during the ages 3-6. The children remain in the same class with the same teacher for the three or four years they are enrolled in our schools. Therefore, only limited openings are available for children during their four year old year. Children enrolling at age 5 must be transferring from another Montessori school. Admissions are conducted on a rolling basis.

Before submitting an application, parents are encouraged to tour the school they are interested in and observe in the classrooms to ensure that they understand the Montessori Method. A one time $50 non-refundable application fee is due with the application. Following receipt of the application, a Parent/child/teacher interview will be scheduled at the school. Prior to the interview, parents must have completed a tour of the school.

The purpose of the parent/child/teacher interview is to learn a little about the child, his development, the family and also to further educate families about the Montessori Method and its relationship to a child’s development. Interviews will be conducted only when space is available in the school. Interviews for September admission are scheduled from February on. Limited spaces may be available during the school year – these spaces are dependent on an enrolled child leaving the school due to job transfer or other change of plans. A non-refundable deposit is due at the time of acceptance and reserves a place for your child in the classroom.

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