Holly Brook Montessori

Enrichment Programs at Holly Brook

All children enrolled in our program attend a Music Class during the morning one day a week. During Music, the children are introduced to different types of music and various musical instruments.  The children learn different songs and interpret music through movement and dance.  Music class helps build coordination and imagination in the children.  More importantly the children find Music Class just plain FUN!

In partnership with All About Languages, Holly Brook Montessori School offers a Spanish Language class two mornings a week (Wednesday and Friday). This program is available for all students and requires an additional fee.  Registration takes place in late September and January.

During October, we transform the playground into a pumpkin patch and each child takes home a small pumpkin. At the end of the month in lieu of Halloween celebrations, we host an International Day celebration. On International Day, the children dress in a costume representing another land or period in USA history. The children have a party with foods from many lands and a special parade and opportunity to perform for their parents.

Each month lessons in a special interest area in the geography and science areas are introduced in the individual classrooms. These lessons enrich the child’s cultural awareness (e.g., Columbus Day, Groundhog Day, and Chinese New Year) and often follow the children’s specific interest in animals, flags or other areas. To enrich the child’s music appreciation, a Classical Composer is introduced each month through stories, pictures and his music. To develop the child’s art appreciation, an artist is introduced each month through stories, books and studying their artwork. The children are presented lessons in the various artist’s techniques and styles. It is an opportunity to explore different medium, techniques, design and color.